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     Electric remote add-on kits now only $249.00!         

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HD 58mmER

  HurricaneRoll Shutter Now Only $28 per Square Foot...WOW!!!

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Polycarbonate tri-wall hurricane panels from $14 per square foot Includes flush mount female stainless hardware with caps and washerbolt combo!........Unbeatable!

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Aluminum hurricane panels from $12 per sq ft! Includes Track and Stainless Hardware!

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New Rhino Track Locks

January 20, 2014

Our new Rhino track locks prevent track pull-out from extreme wind and attempted break-ins! The new locks are massive in size compared to competitors. "We had to step ahead of the competition and  these locks have managed to triple our sales even in an unstable economy." Says CEO Jeff Eaton of Typhoon. “Residential and Commercial alike are moving to stronger, more theft resistant packages in this day and age plus the free estimates are always a plus!” Shutterzonenews.


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